Go the F*** To Sleep: Adult Edition

A good majority of us joke around about being tired, like, all of the time, but have you ever been so exhausted from a regular day that you just kind of crawl up in a ball and start to cry? Because you know that even if you try and sleep right that second (won’t happen), you’ll just have to wake up tomorrow and be tired again?

Well, that’s where I was at the end of last week. Between working, commuting, writing, and trying to be social, I completely ran myself down. The drastic drop in temperature didn’t help either and I got pretty sick.

I really never had anxiety about anything and now I was self destructing from lack of rest. It was even worse than this summer after graduation I was unemployed. Something had to change or I’d go bonkers again by the time another Thursday rolled around.

Lemon ginger tea in Times Square Tea bags and under-eye bags in Time Square during an afternoon work break.

This week I decided to prioritize sleep.

I don’t mean just going to bed on time. I dedicated my entire evening to sleep prep until I had a full night’s rest. And if you know me, you’d know sleep was never my priority. 

How I did it.

I did what everyone does before bed; I went to the mall.

My best friend has been telling me about some body spray from Lush that she sprays on her pillow before falling fast asleep. For years, I just assumed she was just a really great sleeper (we all know, like, one) and I refused to splurge on what she thought was the greatest invention since the Cricut machine.

Last Monday I caved into buying the mysterious lavender Twilight spray ($30) and Sleepy body lotion ($10) combo in hopes of activating the ultimate sleepy powers. You can even buy the Little Box of Slumbers for $15 for with a cute little shower gel and body lotion pair if you don’t want to drop 3 Hamilton’s on the spray.

When I got home I didn’t turn on my most recent binge (This Is Us, UGHHHH amazing) or check my work phone or my social media. I prepared my work bag and outfit for the next morning and sprayed my pillow with the Lush Twilight spray.

Insta story updates @thetrialchild


I found myself slowly give into my exhaustion and sleep effortlessly for eight hours straight. Even slept through my alarm, but my sister’s went off soon after and I wasn’t late for my bus.

For the rest of the week, I tested my bedtime routine after going about my evenings differently, like going out for a drink with a friend or driving up to visit my boyfriend. 

I found myself dozing off even after the craziest days. I even got real spooked by a psychic on Halloween (for charity), and still slept well that night when normally that WOULD NOT happen. Might be having three kids, btw.

The calming lavender Twilight spray continues to help me go to sleep and stay asleep, too. According to studies, this oil promotes a slow-sleep wave where muscles become more relaxed and heartbeats slow down. Typically where I was waking up at 3am to worry about deadlines, I now sleep soundly.

Real time updates from my desk.

What I learned

I realized that I was running myself ragged after work everyday to squeeze in hobbies that make me happy and in return I was wayyyy too pumped up to sleep. I was so keen on having a life outside of the office and I didn’t take my health into consideration.

By starting my pre-bed routine an hour or two early, I gave my body time to settle instead of just jumping into bed. For me, this meant taking out my contact lenses, washing my face, and giving my pillow a spritz. My bedtime triggers essentially tell my brain to shut the f*** up. Find your triggers!

After a week’s worth of amazing rest, I believe the slightly over-priced Twilight spray from Lush is totally worth it if you’re in dire need of a natural sleep aid. If you have an essential oil diffuser, I’m sure a few drops of lavender would do the trick, too.

Does this mean I’m immediately coming home from work at 7:30pm and immediately getting for bed? Yeah, sometimes. If being an adult means living for the weekend in exchange for rest, I guessssss I’ll conform.

Ah, adulting. Ain’t it great?

Happy sleeping!


P.S. Do you have a night-time ritual that you swear by? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.


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