About Me

Hey, I’m Nina. As a former business student turned blogger, I find myself stuck in this weird adult limbo. The post-grad life wasn’t what I expect it to be, so I started to write it all down. The feelings. The assumptions. The lessons and the solutions. My blog is to give younger millennials some insight on what it’s like to navigate this newfound adulthood and the quirky stuff along the way, because there’s no question that the road is much different than the generations that came before us.

The Trial Child is the name I gave myself as a teenager when I felt frustrated about being the first born. Like I was the test dummy, getting hit by life without an example to follow. I believe it gave me the relentlessness I needed to thrive today.

So, I figured if I was going to be a test dummy, or The Trial Child, I might as well share my experiences with a few more people that might just relate to my struggles and findings. Whether you’re aspiring to move out or travel the world or build your career, the struggle is real and I get it. 

During the day, I am a digital marketing professional in New York City, but at night I’m still the girl who sleeps in a twin bed at her parents house in New Jersey. I’m hard-headed and passionate and messy. I like to create Halloween costumes from scratch and reading about badass women. I like trying to be a functioning member of society, but I also make lists out of excitement and forget about them. 

Overall, you’ll find a good mix of personal and professional encounters in my life.

Whatever your reason for reading, thank you and enjoy.